Enjoy a bug-free outdoors space

ATC has been installing screen enclosures in South Florida homes for years.

Our clients seek us out because they want a solution to their bug problem or want to minimize the amount of leaves that fall in their pool or patio deck. Their top priority is creating a door space that is enjoyable.

We’ve had a pool that we never use for years because of all the constant cleaning and the bugs. We decided to screen out the area, and we found ATC. They helped us design the space to be functional and very beautiful. Now our patio and our pool are protected from rainwater and bugs, so we actually use it!

Roberto Cruz

Pool Screen Enclosures

The beauty of pool screen enclosures is all in the design. We provide each client with a custom screen design for their patio and specific needs. The enclosures will make swimming in your pool a relaxing experience as you enjoy a bug-free space.

Even though pool enclosures sometimes require a complex design with weird angles, we have the team of experts and products that will ensure your enclosure still looks great and serves you and your family for years to come.

Patio Screen Enclosures

Patio enclosures are the ideal solution if you are looking to create a wonderful outdoors space or if you want to expand your outdoor living area. They are the perfect spot to enjoy fresh air while staying protected against mosquitos in the summertime.

The screens are available with options of a flat or elevated roof and have a product approval. Experience the pleasure of the outdoors all year-round.

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