An Easy Way to Protect Your Property

In South Florida, protecting your family and your property is necessary due to the many hurricanes that threaten our region each year.

Which hurricane protection to choose from is a decision owners have to make depending on their budget and individual needs.

At ATC Shutters, we have a wide selection of hurricane protection products to choose from so your property can withstand harsh elements.


We can assist you in finding the right hurricane protection for your property according to your needs.

Accordion Shutters

Storm Panels

Roll-Up Shutters

Bahama Shutters

Hurricane Protection

Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters are designed to withstand winds and potential impact in a Category 5 hurricane, and are engineered to meet all of the most stringent requirements of the Florida Building Code.

Anyone can safely and easily open and close the accordion shutters in the event of a hurricane. Accordion shutters can be closed from inside the property, even though they are installed on the outside of the opening, eliminating the need to use a ladder for added convenience when a storm or hurricane is approaching.

Storm Panels

Our ATC Storm panels are the most economical way to protect your home or business. Panels are the most economical hurricane system in the aluminum industry. They are ideal for small residences and vacation homes.

They are available in heavy-duty aluminum, galvanized steel, and clear plastic. Our panels are installed with easy-mount tracks and wingnuts, or by direct wall bolting.

Roll Up Shutters

Roll-Up shutters can be effectively used for storm protection, privacy and sunshade. They offer maximum protection against hurricane force winds, flying debris, unwanted entry, noise, heat, sun and snow.

Our Roll-Up Shutter can be surface mounted, soffit mounted and, for a completely stealth application, be inner-wall mounted. Roll-Up are available in manual or fully-electric roll down setups. Available in a range of slat sizes and colors.

Bahama Shutters

The number one reason people pick out Bahama shutters to protect their home against hurricanes is because they are easy to install. Another reason is because they are functional, provide protection from storms and the sun and are great for privacy.

They also have lots of character and give the home a country feel. They are available in a variety of colors and once they are installed you will start to feel at easy knowing that if a hurricane comes, deployment time in Bahama shutters is very quick.

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